About Adventist Residential Care


Holistic care, enriching and transforming lives.


Adventist Residential Care provides innovative care in a safe, supportive, Christian environment where people receive the opportunity to grow relationships with Jesus Christ.


Trust –allowing God’s great love to influence the way we relate to others.

Respect – recognising the right of people to privacy, dignity, freedom of choice and a sense of value and worth.

Excellence – willing and dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible.

Commitment – steadfast in the pursuit for success by optimising the opportunities and resources available.

Compassion – providing friendship and encouragement in support of each other.

With a history that extends back over 75 years Adventist Residential Care is recognised as an experienced and credible provider of people-centred services, specialising in retirement villages and residential care in Western Australia.

Having its roots in a church-based operation Adventist Residential Care continues to operate as a not-for-profit, Christian organisation that directs its funding into the provision of quality services to its residents. Operating surpluses are not taken away by owners or shareholders, but rather are channelled back into service improvements. Adventist Residential Care operates to serve people regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs, and is proud of its heritage and its contribution to the community.

Adventist Residential Care is owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventist Aged Care (Western Australia) Limited and is governed by a Board of Directors. With the quest to exceed resident expectations the Company is engaged in a robust and continuous process of improvement.

The Company unashamedly recognises the reality of a loving God who has genuine care for every individual. God's love inspires Adventist Residential Care to provide holistic care for those who especially need it due to their age or disability.  By assisting mankind we believe we are honouring God and we are fulfilling His instruction to 'love one another'. For its achievement and success Adventist Residential Care glorifies the God who created, provides and saves.

If Adventist Residential Care sounds like the right place for you or your loved one, please make contact and learn how we might assist you.

Adventist Residential Care offers the following services:

ROSSMOYNE - Retirement Village - 77 Independent Living Units (Single, Double and Triple Bedroom Cottages and Apartments)

This retirement village is available to residents who are at least 55 years of age and desire to live in a Christian community. Residential licences are sold to occupants upon entry and a monthly fee is payable that provides support to maintain the property and grounds. The village life is enhanced by community activities and facilities, including a spiritual emphasis program supported by the Chaplaincy service. The village is strategically located near major transport routes and has readily accessible shopping services. Its location near the beautiful Canning River with shoreline walking paths makes it an ideal place to spend the retirement years.

ROSSMOYNE - High and Low Aged Care - 80 Beds (Sherwin Wing: 47 beds, Freeman Wing: 33 beds)

This facility offers a fully-accredited service with an ageing-in-place program for residents who are incapable of fully caring for themselves. Both low and high care is available and the program is operated within the funding policies. Residents receive the care and support they require and government funding is determined by the levels of demonstrated need. Life within the facility is enhanced with medical, social and spiritual support. The facility is readily accessible to supporting families by being strategically located near major arterial roads.


BUSSELTON - Retirement Village - 10 Independent Living Units

This facility is a small, modern village located within the Busselton town and backs onto a scenic wetland area. Its quiet location makes this an attractive place to spend the retirement years in a rural region. Community facilities and close proximity to the local Seventh-day Adventist Church also enhance the attraction of this village.

NOLLAMARA and MARANGAROO - Disability Accommodation -  5 Cottages

These are special housing programs that accommodate intellectually challenged residents. A full care service is provided within a family home context. Many of the residents engage in off-site supervised activities during work days. This is a fully-government funded program and is managed by Adventist Residential Care.